Affordable Travel for Touring Musicians

If you’re planning a tour across the country in the next few months, then you know that everything you spend will have to be taken out of the money you make at each gig. This means that you and the band need to save as much money as possible, especially if you’re not on a major label and are self-funding everything.

This means that, unfortunately, you can’t live the rockstar lifestyle quite yet. Ideally your next tour will create more awareness for your group and help you solidify a good fan base that can support you and your future endeavours, making it more possible for you to get support from a label for a tour. But for now, you need to save money.


So what’s the best way to do this? Can you really afford a tour bus right now? Well if you can’t, you should know that other musicians like you have turned toward other means of transportation and lodging when booking travel for their tours.

Get a Campervan

You’re probably concerned about your band’s image at this point, worried that a campervan might damage your reputation if your band shows up at the venue in another city in what amounts to a small RV. Judge all you want, but when you’re first starting out, you need to save money. And a great way to do this is to look for a place that rents cheap but good-quality campervans in Australia.

There are so many benefits to renting a campervan. For instance, you don’t need to worry about paying for expensive hotels. You and the band can sleep in the campervan each night that you’re on the road and save money you’d spend elsewhere. You can also stay almost anywhere in a campervan, and if you need a place to stay that’s near the next venue, you’ll most likely be able to find a spot for the rental campervan.


Additionally, you need to think about where all your musical equipment and gear is going to go. It won’t fit in a regular rental car; there’s too much stuff. Campervans have more room for storage and can help you carry all of your stuff in one vehicle without worrying about wasting petrol costs for multiple cars.

Find a Rental Place

If you’re interested in doing this for your next tour, you’ll need to do a little bit of research. That means checking online for companies that can offer you the best campervan rental prices for the best-quality vehicles.

If you reach out to a particular company, be sure to ask them whether they are able to provide you with something that will fit all of the band members plus the gear. If you need to stay at campgrounds during the tour, be sure the campervan you select has the proper equipment to set up everything you need in order to easily get some rest for the night.

If you have everyone chip in on the price, the daily rate will be low and affordable, so you can actually save the money you’ll make on your tour.


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