Become an expert vehicle tracker with Cobangps devices!

You are in for lots of happy surprises when you decide to buy coban 103 gps tracker, manufactured by the Shenzhen factory and sold across 107 countries worldwide. Would you install it on cars, vans and trucks? Say goodbye to fears of theft and misuse now that these little devices that work on wox software can achieve the impossible. It all happens through several satellites far above the earth that work jointly to specify the physical location on the ground. Working through the GSM/GPRS systems, messages can be obtained via computers, mobile phones and tablets across Apple, Windows and Android systems. Costing about $75, the device delivers all kinds of alarms to indicate theft, speeding and geo-fence crossing. It is possible to set up geo-fences for the children, for instance, and an alarm is sounded when they exit the safe area indicated like a school.

Maintenance and operations for a cab agency or truck company become so much simplified besides getting rid of security concerns. Rampant misuse can be curbed since you come to know the mileage, gas consumption and average speed, even the route travelled each time. Being remotely connected, the vehicle engine can be switched off once you know it is stolen! The device itself is small enough and may be conveniently hidden away in the vehicle so that it cannot be tampered with by criminal elements.

With almost everybody connected to automobiles in some form or the other nowadays and subject to all kinds of city dangers, a vehicle tracking server is the answer. Along with the gps global positioning system is the software that contains the communication and recording network that delivers information through a server. A server is like a big supplier that feeds your computer and mobile phone with the required information. We can imagine how many vehicles carry tracking devices and they are all working simultaneously through satellites and servers.

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