Book Your Car Rental in Advance

Saving money while on holiday might seem like an oxymoron. Holiday is the time to spend money, indulge, and enjoy yourself. Many people end up spending even more than they planned while they’re on holiday. They find themselves eating out more, paying for more taxis, and buying more souvenirs. It might seem like there’s no way to keep your costs down but that’s not so. You can greatly reduce how much money you’re spending by changing the way you rent a car. Many people rent their car from the airport; some people choose to call a car service to take them from place to place. Both are the two most expensive options. Your best bet is to book a car rental in advance from a reputable rental agency. You’ll have a better selection and better pricing.


Don’t Book from the Airport

You don’t want to book your rental car from an agency at the airport. The car rental firms at the airport know that you are a captive customer base when you’re in the airport, so they charge you as if you have no other option. In many ways, you don’t, which is why it’s great to book in advance. Also, the rental firms at the airport are greatly limited as to what they can offer because they have to keep their cars at the airport lots. The airport parking lots are small and charge a lot of money for space which drives the price of the rentals up and the selections down. If you book your Australian car rental online, you can avoid the long lines and high costs of renting at the airport. You can have a car brought to the airport to meet you. The car will be what you picked out and even outfitted with certain special features if you need them.


You should book the exact rental car you need and not settle for something less. You should be able to choose if you need a car seat, a GPS, or other helpful additions. Sometimes, that’s what sets a great car rental service apart from its competitors.

Don’t Book Rides

It might be tempting to call a taxi or a ridesharing app; they are so simple and hassle-free, but can get very expensive very quickly, and also take away your autonomy. When you’re on holiday, you want to be in control of where you go and when. If you have to call a car, wait for it, and then trust the driver to get you where you need to go, you’re not in control of your holiday anymore. Also, the expense multiplies very quickly. Ridesharing is not exactly cheap in the first place, but if you find yourself calling several times a day, you could very quickly spend more than you’d planned. You will likely pay much more than you would have if you had just rented a car; also, you will likely spend a lot of your time standing on a curb waiting for your car to show up.

If you’re going on holiday, your best bet is to rent a car from a service that allows you to choose your car and reserves your selection.

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