Top Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

Known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”- Sri Lanka drags the attention of the global tourists for its natural diversities, breathtaking destinations, forests, mountains, rivers, beaches, magnanimous culture, mouth smacking delicacies and the warm hospitality. The tropical island country is also growing its reputation for offering health tourism. If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka know more on the tour packages and facilities at


Some of the quintessential reasons for visiting Sri Lanka—

Medical tourism

Here, people suffering from various chronic diseases come for medical rehab and heal with Ayurveda and yoga. Different health resorts have been established here in Sri Lanka to open the gateways to the world to show them their experience in the natural therapies and healing.


People suffering from various chronic diseases such as back pain, headache, diabetes, insomnia, high-blood pressure, lack of sexual stamina and more are healed at the Ayurveda resorts. It is not only that the tourists are offered with the therapies along with the stay, but they also have to maintain a proper therapy by following a diet regime along with the massage and therapies recommended to them.

Sri Lanka also holds a position of its own for offering the best yoga therapies. There are various yoga resorts and centers across different parts of the country where they heal the foreigners also besides the locals.

Ideal Bicycle touring at the tea plantations

The Sri Lankans love using the bicycles as a mode of conveyance. Tourists can also pick the eco-friendly vehicle and wander across the different places of Sri Lanka. Roaming around the tea-plantations of Nuwara Eliya in a bicycle can be a mesmerizing experience. Besides, foreigners love biking across the ‘Little England’ area here. The place was so named for the British colonial past for trading the tea. Tourists here at the breweries get the opportunity to taste some of the best teas planted here and also gather the culinary lessons as well as the therapeutic tea massage while traveling by the locations.

Befriending with elephants

Sri Lanka is famous for the elephants. They have separate orphanages where they rear the parentless elephants. These parks are open for the tourists, they can visit the different elephant conservatives and take a glimpse of how the gigantic animals are tamed and reared. The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a must visit.


Apart from this, the vacationers can fulfill their appetite for the best jungle safari, beach holidays and their stays in the tranquil hills of the exotic country.

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